Everyone feels lost in college. You’ll feel like you are breathing a new air, experiencing a new world and that you have somehow lost the control of your life. You’ll feel this adrenaline to achieve something, to do something, to take up control on hand and to prove yourself but things just doesn’t sit well together. Guess what? Feeling lost in college is completely normal!


It is important to overcome these conflicts, not for others but for yourself. Remember it’s a bad day not a bad life. Here are a few words that I wish someone would have told me when I felt like I lost myself among others in college.

Getting rejected personally and professionally is extremely hurtful but accepting it and moving on is the key to success. Never doubt yourself just because of rejection and never change yourself to please others.

Know that “You are gold and gold shines wherever it goes!”

College is the safest place to fail.

College is the time you get to explore yourself and to find what you are passionate about. Challenge yourself and take up things that you have never done before, who knows where you might find happiness and success. Know your limits and work on it, remember always run an extra mile.

Work for satisfaction. You might ace a test but still not be satisfied with the efforts you had put in and on the other hand you might be completely satisfied with the work you did but still not get recognized for it. Result is like Newton’s law of motion, your actions definitely leads to reactions. Keep defining yourself until you find the satisfaction and appreciation together.

College is an opportunity to shape you and it’s very easy to fall for peer pressure. Learn to stand up for yourself. A friend is not really a friend if they insist you do something that you don’t feel is right. Never be the guy who is afraid of saying no; it’s ok if they reject you because of this.   

I know college is rough but believe in you and just hang in there. Communicate with as much people as possible because this place is your first lesson on life. Encourage yourself at each and every step, appreciate yourself for your small successes and be your own cheerleader, cause if you don’t then who will?

So, calm down and get ready! It’s OK to feel lost in your teens, in fact this conflict of your mind shapes you and helps you to find the real you!  College goes by fast, so make memories that lasts long and make sure that these memories puts a smile on your face when you think about them later in life.

All the best!

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