Do you feel like your work is never ending and that you work on assignments all the time? Do you feel like you lost your ‘me’ time amongst college work? Or that your social life is non-existent?

Then this is the right place for you. Here, I have listed down the tips to deal with overburden in college. These are the tips that I used not only to survive but to ace in college and maintain my social life at the same time. Let’s jump into the tips shall we?!

The first key to plan and finish off an assignment or any college work is to understand it clearly. Most of the time students miss out the key factors of the assignment and end up wasting time on figuring it out. Pay attention to the details when the professor explains it and writing it down is very important. This will save up lot of your time because you will actually work on the assignment instead of wasting time figuring out what it is.

Once you get the habit of listening and understanding the key factors of the assignment, it becomes easier to find the details needed. Most of the time your professors will be happy and delighted to help you on this. They are happy because they know that you are interested in the assignment and that you are ready to read up on that. This is a double win situation, not only will you come to know where to find the needed details but also you will end up finding yourself on the good books of your professor. 

Since you now know the details needed and where to find them exactly, you can plan your works depending on that. It is safe to say that you now can figure out how much time each of your assignments will take and so you can plan them accordingly. Maintain a journal or just make a planner on your mobile. You can say bye to last minute tension and late submissions.

It is easier to complete an assignment when you break them into parts and fix time for each part based on their level of importance. This way you’ll not lose time on unwanted parts but also can save time for the key parts of the assignment. To put it simply, in an article people focus on the introduction and result rather than the literature review. So, it’s wise to spend more time on introduction and conclusion than on the literature.    

One think that I learned from college is that no one cares about the number of pages you submitted. So do not spend more time on words rather spend time on details. This way you can save time and again your assignments will look professional.

Be crisp and on point.

If at all you are confused, do not feel ashamed about asking help. It’s always better to reach your professors personally and clear up all your doubts. I would always recommend talking to your professors and seeking their help rather than your peers. But if you have an awesome friend who is good in interpreting the details to you then go for it.

Last but not least, never forget to spend time for yourself. Make sure to add time in the planner for yourself and I am sure if you follow the above steps you will be able to find time for you.

That’s it you are all ready to ace college and maintain your social life at the same time!!

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