Get ready to pack with Wacky little flower!! Excited? without further delay jump into the article.

The first and foremost item on your list should be a portable bed and a set of pillows. This is important because only when you sleep well you’ll be able to give your best in college. Having your own bed and pillow brings a homely touch to your dorm and gives you a sense of comfort. So, don’t forget to pack your own bed and pillows.

The next thing on the list is a nice and cozy blanket. Again, your physical and mental health depends on the quantity and quality of sleep you get and so make sure that you do everything to get the amount of sleep you deserve. Bringing your own pillows and blankets definitely adds a homely touch to your dorm and who knows you might miss home a little less!

All the wardrobes in the dorm are always plain and they do not have compartments. If you are an organized person don’t forget to add separators or pain baskets to your list. This way you can organize your things in a better and accessible way, without them it is a little too difficult to fit all of your things in the wardrobe.

The next important thing is a power extension cord. You never know where the switch boards are placed and you will definitely need extension cord for this purpose.  This makes dorm life much easier; you don’t have to get up every time to charge your phone or your laptop. So, make sure to add an extension cord to your list of dorm essentials.

Simply get storage hangs that can be attached to the wall to store all your bath washes and other things inside the restroom. Trust me, I tried to store these things in my wardrobe and take them out only when needed but I just kept forgetting them almost every single time. So, it is better that you store them inside the bathroom only, this way it’ll be organized and accessible.

Get a set of utensils. Even if you are not planning to cook your own food you will need them. This includes a set of plates, spoons, forks, cups, glasses, bottles, fruit bowls and a lunch box. This is definitely an essential simply because food is important!

As I said earlier, even if you are not planning to cook your own food you will need a kettle. This way you can get rid of your hunger at odd times. It is easier and safer to use.

Make sure to add a laundry basket to your list. This will help you to store your dirty laundry and also will remind you to wash them on time. With a laundry basket there will be no confusion between washed and unwashed clothes!

You don’t need your clothes to be messy and damp all the time. Get one of these stands to use, this way you don’t have to worry about damp cloths anymore. You’ll also have a decent place to hang your wet cloths and towels after bath.

Remember the saying “The way one dresses gives out a lot?” You don’t have to be a fashion icon but still dressing attractively is important. So get yourself a simple electronic iron box and get rid of those nasty wrinkles on your clothes!

The more you make your dorm cozy the more you will feel at home.  Do not forget to add photos and plants to your list. Play around with colors and styles to make your dorm feel like home.

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